This picture of SANDY BAY taken on a hot mid-July afternoon illustrates a popular wild swimming site only a stone's throw from Cowdray Castle.

Cowdray Castle and Rother BridgeIn the late Spring and Summer months this beautiful spot on the Western River Rother stilll retains an air of seclusion even though bathers - in - the- know from all over the South of England head for here on a hot, sunny day.(Picture of Cowdray Castle from near the Rother Bridge).

Several acres of adjoining river bank are set to pasture and the public are allowed access. It makes for a wonderful picnic spot.

Castle CausewayOn August Bank Holiday this bay becomes the launch site for the Rother Raft Race, an annual event which draws a large crowd of enthusiasts from all over the south of England.

Wild swimmers find Sandy Bay an easy place to swim with the water estimated at no more than circa 5' deep at its maximum. The deepest spots are near the opposite bank. There is a gentle soft-bottomed incline from the castle-side bank. (Picture of The Causeway with Cowdray Castle in the distance.)

Visitors should park their cars in Midhurst North Street car park, walk down the Causeway,Wild Swimming pass through the twin gates on the Rother Bridge, turn left and follow the mown strip - just inside the low fence which edges the tarmac road to Cowdray Castle - and continue for 100 yards to where a grass path from the road goes left down the slope to the beach.

The beach is pretty private and is surrounded by willows, and is usually litter-free. The sandy bank usually accommodates up to 15 people comfortably, but there are times - after flooding - when the sand bank is heaped up and restricts the number of people.
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