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Hole in the wall, The Wharf

SOUTH STREET - Start Point, The Spread Eagle Hotel.
Midhurst's Treasure Hunt, Edition 2, April 2010, is now available to intrigue and give you at least 2 hours of enjoyment pottering round and exploring the quaint streets and thoroughfares of the old Tudor town of Midhurst, West Sussex, with a River Rother walk and a visit to the environs of Cowdray Castle. It has 20 questions or clues which require no historical knowledge, just good observational powers. and starts in South Street at the entrance to The Spread Eagle Hotel's driveway with the first clue: 'Where do you see Marigold's in the Sky?'

The route takes in South St, South Pond, The Grange Car Park, West Street, The Spread Eagle Annexe (top of South St), Market Square, The Old Town Hall Café, Parish Church & Church Yard, Sheep Lane, Red Lion St, Knockhundred Row, North St, The Tourist Office, The Causeway, Cowdray Castle environs, the River Rother walk to the green near The Wharf, the woodland path up the side of the chesnut-clothed hill to the site of the old ruins (Midhurst Castle of The Bohuns), the alleyway to the old town and Edinburgh Square. Return via South St to the Spread Eagle entrance. Just follow the dots on the map provided. There are NO clues in Knockhundred Row and only two in North Street. You may get to the Causeway via the walkway to North Street Car Park. To find the clue at Cowdray, pass through the gates on the River Rother Bridge, turn right in the roadway and walk 100 yards to where the road sweeps left into Cowdray and The Walled Garden.(This is also where the Visitor Centre is for the Castle. now known as the Ghost Castle of Cowdray - for more on this go here)

When you've finished the Treasure Hunt return to North Street and find Frasers Menswear for the answers. Take a bit of time out to enjoy this cavernous shop with traditional men's clothes. And marvel at the fact that Frasers have a burgeoning rental business in Black Tie and Highlandwear. Last sumer they rented about 100 DJ's to the Royal Navy at Portsmouth for the Guildhall party held for HMS Illustrious!

So the next time you've a wedding invitation, kilt party, Black Tie event or rave up think of Fraser's - they're the best!

Edition 3 of the Midhurst Treasure Hunt should be available in June 2010 with an additional 5 clues which will stretch your powers of observation further as well as your legs! Cowdray Farm Shop or Fortnums on RotherThe picture at the top of the page shows Rosemary Trueman, wife of the Editor, examining a hole in the thick wall edging the North side of The Wharf as it joins South St. It's been partially blocked up but when in use 70 years ago went through the whole width of the wall. Bet you can't imagine what this innocuous hole was used for! Looking at the History of South Pond might suggest a use but you'd probably be wrong.

But we're are doing another South Pond clue which is highly topical - we're not telling you yet what it is - but for a taster look at thes folk planting things on the 22nd March this year. Follow the link to page two of The South Pond Spring Clean.

We're also planning on inviting you to stretch your legs a bit, and walk the estate road from Cowdray Castle to Easebourne. So, instead of just going into the evirons of the castle and then back down the river bank path to the old town we'll go up the estate road in a northerly direction, with wonderful views across the polo fields, to the Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe known by us wags as Fortnum's on Rother because of its food hall.(See picture above left)

Get into the swing of things by visiting our pages called Doggy Days Out in Cowdray . It just might help with the clues!

MIDHURST TREASURE HUNT pdf - to download and print your copy.
If you've difficulties getting the pdf email Stuart Fraser. He will email you a copy. Head your email TREASURE HUNT. And request QUESTIONS & MAP pdfs. Email: info@frasersformen.co.uk

Don't forget you'll need to call into the shop during normal opening hours to collect the ANSWERS.

In Edition 3, The 25-question version, we'll be offering a prize of MOET and CHANDON Brut Imperial Champagne for the first completed questionnaire with all the correct answers. If you've completed Edition 2 and have obtained the answers you cannot claim the Moet and Chandon for Edition 3 as 20 of the questions are the same.

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