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Midhurst River Walk - Permissive Path

MIDHURST RIVER WALK - Three pages of pictures here!
Easebourne -Woolbeding Map with Car Parks on A272 & North St.
Cowdray - Benbow Map including Midhurst Way to Lodsworth.
Midhurst River Walk Story.

AN EXCITING RIVER WALK, 2 miles - a permissive path over private land waymarked Rother Walk - has created a whole, new countryside experience for Midhurst. Access to this beautiful riverine parkland has been made possible by several local landowners getting together and agreeing a path across their respective lands. The principal players are The National Trust at Woolbeding, and The Cowdray Estate. The walk is along the banks of the Western River Rother starting at Midhurst North Bridge Weir to near Woolbeding House and thence up across rolling Woolbeding Parkland to a free car park adjoining the A272 at the junction with Woolbeding Lane. (There are officially spaces for 6 cars only. In reality there are 12.). For a circular walk cut south east (ie left) when you hit the public right of way just before the A272 - there is a gate and water cisterns for the cattle - and continue to the Half Moon Pub. Then back up June Lane and down into Rumbold's Hill and then left along North St to the start point at the weir. Distance: 2 miles. Picture below: the wooded section of the path near to North Bridge Weir - Evening Light.

ALTERNATIVE CIRCULAR WALK 6.5 miles . - Start Point Free 100 Space Cowdray Car Park at Easebourne, Nr Midhurst, GU29 0AJ
This is an alternative circular walk going the other way, north west, via Woolbeding Wood and Woolbeding itself. See Easebourne - Midhurst - Woolbeding Circular Walk. Full details here at Cowdray Park Walks,

MAP OF THE AREA and the walk In the Footsteps of H.G.Wells. Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of Ordnance Survey, © Crown copyright.

Picture source John Trueman. Angela Shepherd a ranger for the SDNPA with her assistants raisng the signpost at North Bridge Weir at 1.30 am on Tuesday July 19th 2011, the official opening of the new Permissive Path, The Rother Walk. Click picture for an enlargement.

Click here for Midhurst River Parkland for Dogs. Also four pages of pictures 1, The Start, 2. The Lake and 3, Whiphill 4. River Rother & Raft Race 2011

The Permisive Path starts south of North Bridge Weir, Midhurst. Look for the Easebourne sign adjoining a grassy glade with a bench at its centre and the new signpost shown above. The path runs between the two small trees into the wood, turns left after the railings north-westward along the river bank. In summer the Balsam and other river plants grow high along this stretch but you can see the River Rother from time to time. Caution: beware a huge waterpipe, close to the start-point near North Bridge weir, at head height, and watch for several saplings cut off 2" proud of the ground in the path in the first 50 yards or so. The first 0.75 mile is a bit uneven and lumpy but becomes a joy to walk as it climbs up from the valley floor following the tree line - see picture at the top of the page. It then tacks uphill to Whiphill Wood across parkland. The stretch from the wood to the A272 is breathtaking, rolling parkland with views to the horizon.

To follow the path across Woolbeding Parkland is to miss most of the astonishing beauty of the river valley here which is totally different in character to the first stretch from Midhurst. This is parkland pure and simple with a man-made lake - Woolbeding Lake - adjoining the River Rother. All this is Open Access land. It is easy to walk through and enjoy; and you're encouraged to bring a picnic. Across the river you may espy the tiny Woolbeding Church, worth a special visit on its own. If you're not doing the circular walk, we suggest you park the car in th A272 National Trust car park and stroll down to Whiphill Wood and Woolbeding Lake; or walk along the river bank of the Rother with its resident flock of Canada geese keeping a watchful eye, and groups of sheep huddling in hollows

Up on the gentle parkland slopes you'll see black sheep and, perhaps, a number of bullocks grazing. The're all very tame and quite like their photos taken. In the sky above Whphill Wood you may see birds of prey soaring - the Red Kite and Buzzard - whilst along the river the flash of colour from a Kingfisher. We don't yet know whether otters have found this quiet stretch of river. Let us know if you see one.

To access the path from North St Car Park, exit past the Tourist Office, cross North St at the pedestrian crossing, walk east, past The Academy and the new building-work, along the pavement and look for the Easebourne sign post before the weir and the new signpost with a white arrow.

NATIONAL TRUST WOOLBEDING GARDENS Judged by The Galloping Gardener to be a world-class garden and a new jewel in Britain's gardening crown.
Click here for pictures.

FAQ'S - With answers from Woolbeding Management. Click here.

As there is no on-site parking at Woolbeding House you have four choices: 1. Park in the A272 Free National Trust Car Park and walk down the lane over Woolbeding Bridge, along the broad avenue to the house. A lovely walk on a fine day. 2. Walk from Midhurst via the Midhurst River Walk until you intersect the footpath to Woolbeeding Bridge. Turn right, follow the path to the river bank and join the lane. Turn right down the lane to Woolbeding House - see map. 3. Walk from North St Car Park along the pavement adjoining the A286 north to Hollist Lane. Go down the lane to Hollist House. Thence to Woolbeding using the footpath inside the field margin - see map. This is also part of the walk called In the Footsteps of H.G.Wells, effectively a river walk to Stedham and Iping. 4. Find a suitable verge within comfortable walking distance of Woolbeding House.

River Walks - River Rother view of National Trust's Woolbeding House and Garden
Woolbeding House from The River Rother

You are earnestly requested by the National Trust NOT to park outside Woolbeding House or Woolbeding Church - there are strict planning restrictions in force. For more information on the Park and Ride Scheme click here.

Other routes are (a) via the A272 pavement to the Half Moon pub. Thence down the footpath to Woolbeding Bridge, and on down Woolbeding Lane but the downside is the heavy traffic on the mainroad. Or, (b) up June Lane from North Street to the Half Moon pub and then as in (a) above. Probably the best circular route as June Lane is relatively quiet. - but there is NO pavement.

FAQ's Click Here.

Woolbeding Gardens Opening Times: 10.30am - 4.30pm Thursday and Friday between April 12th and September 30th. Adults £5.50, children £2.25, Families £13.75. Entrance near the road junction. All visitors must pre-book by calling Uppark House on 01730 825415. Best times 10.0am to 4.0pm Mondays-Fridays. A Park-and-Ride system is also running from Uppark House. As there is a limit on the number having access on any one day please ensure you book several days in advance of your visit to avoid disappointment. Please read the FAQ's carefully!


Pictures & Comments about Woolbeding Gardens at The Galloping Gardener. - click here. And again here.

All NT Woolbeding Parkland is ‘open access’ at any time of the year. You don’t just have to keep to the permissive path but roam the glorious hillsides, woods and riverine landscape of the valley floor. The serpentine River Rother winds its way between wooded slopes and past a beautiful lake with wildlife. Sussex cows and Herdwick sheep sometime graze the open pastures. From Woolbeding Bridge you can follow the river to Stedham Mill where the woods are filled in springtime with bluebells and woodland anemones. In June the river bank comes alive with flowering grasses, reeds and shrubs. The picture shows the view down the avenue (914 ft) to Woolbeding House. Click here for Midhurst River Parkland for Dogs

From 1st March to 31st July dogs must be kept on a short lead
(no more than 6 feet) to protect ground nesting birds.
At all times of the year dogs must be kept on a short lead (no more than two metres) in the vicinity of livestock.

There are four River Walks and a combination of these with walks over the Cowdray Estate: (a) The Midhurst River Walk, aka Rother Walk (b) The River Walk from St Ann's Hill to Cowdray Castle with the Best River Views - part of the Midhurst Circular Walk and Town Trail, click here for map, and (c) The River Walk from Midhurst to Woolbeding, Stedham & Iping - called In the Footsteps of H.G.Wells. Item (b) may be combined with a walk over Cowdray to the Food Emporium & Café (our name!) officially the Cowdray Farmshop where there is a 100 space free car park.and (d) The Cowdray - (Easebourne) - Midhurst - Woolbeding Circular Walk. Click here for map. For longer walks please refer to The Midhurst Way, The Queen Elizabeth Oak Walk and the Haslemere to Midhurst Walk. You can also walk the Midhurst Mountain Bike Route. The options are endless. Picture: River Rother from St Ann's Hill.

For more pictures of the River Rother and Raft Race click here.
Ordnance Survey Map of Easebourne with Free Car Park click here.

Vintage Tearooms and Exclusive Cake Shop is open 7/7 10.00 am - 5.30 pm except Sundays 10.30 am - 5.30 pm View Midhurst Town Map. Shop close to entrance to Duck Lane.


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