Country Market in Midhurst


French Market - Patés French Market- Biscuits

French Market - Patés French Market - Biscuits
French Market - Cheese French Market En Rose
French Market - Cheese French Market- En rose

An amazing market with all the professionalism you'd expect of the French. One Midhurst observer, Miranda Twiss - a self-confessed foodie - said " A great market. Really suprised. I spent far too much money!" The strawberries were "very expensive - as were the peaches but they were fantastic - as were the apricots.The cheese counter was the best."

Coming on Saturday 5th June, 9am - 4pm - MIDHURST ITALIAN MARKET in North Street - with adjoining FREE CAR PARK.

Italia In Piazza’s Real Italian Food Market
Stalls/ Products 2010
(subject to change & availability)

1. Salumeria: Cheeses, Cured Meats, Herbs & Pasta
A variety of cheeses, such as the famous Parmesan cheese and Gorgonzola. Goat's, sheep and cow’s milk, alpine or mountain, fresh or mature cheeses are all on offer. If you are not sure then ask to taste it!
Cured Meats range from the classic Parma Ham, to the smooth Beef Bresaola Valtellina. Meats also include Salame, Pancetta, Roast Ham, Mortadella and Wild Boar Meats. Many other products are also available, which are made with either 100% beef or 100% pork.

A wide range of pasta such as Spiral Pasta, Extra long Black and Chilli Pepper Spaghetti, Tricolore Pasta and many more other types of diverse pastas will be on sale.

In addition all kinds of traditional Italian Herbs will be on sale, such as for Bruschetta, Mediterranean Pesto, Herbs for Grilled Foods, Chilli Herbs and many more.

 2. Olives and Sott’Olii
Olives of the finest quality which include olives from Sicily, Liguria and Napoli such as the mix Antipasto of Olives & Pecorino Cheese, Olives which have been hand-stuffed with Almonds, Capers Garlic & Anchovies and many more mixed with Herbs and Spices will be on offer. Marinated Artichokes in Olive Oil, Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil and a variety of grilled Vegetables will also be on sale.
3. Biscotti e Dolci
Biscuits, cakes and pastries of the finest quality which include fine classic Dolci Pasticciera, such as the Sicilian Cannoli, different types of Chocolate snacks & other fine biscuits & cakes.

Different flavoured Crackers, a classic Italian Savoury snack which can be eaten on it’s own or with dips and cheeses of your choice, giant sized Breadsticks and Olive or Rosemary breadsticks are all on sale.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars
Olive Oils from different regions of Italy , including Sicily , Sardegna & Puglia. They can be used for doing “soffritto”, on salads or as dips with Ciabatta Bread. Aromatic Oil also on sale including Chilli, Rpsemary & Garlic Oils. A wonderful selection of fine Balsamic Vinegars, both young and mature, also on sale. Stop off at this stall and try each and every kind of Oil or Vinegar before you buy.

5. Torrone e Cioccolata
Torrone is the famous nougat cake first made on 25 Ocober 1441 in the village of Torrazzo , near Cremona , for a royal wedding reception. Since then this fantastic product has be ecome famous all over the world. It’s best described as soft Nougart & now comes in many flavours. We have over 40 different flavours available which are all Gluten Free! Some of the flavours include Pistacchio, Limoncello, Tiramisu and Fruit Salad.

Chocolate drinks also in many flavours, chocolate cakes of different types, all available. Why not ask for a sample!

6. Gastronomia
Hot foods are available at the Italian Market.

Arancini : Rice balls with various fillings such as Spinach, Cheese and Ham. These are best described as pear shaped balls of rice coated in breadcrumbs with the various fillings. These can be warmed up and eaten immediately or may be taken home and warmed up in the oven. This is a classic Sicilian speciality and are all hand made.

Calzone Pizza : Classic Italian savoury snack ready hot or cold. This is a pastry folded in two with various fillings such as Mozarella and Spinach. These are either served hot or eaten immediately or may be taken home and warmed up in the oven.

Salsiccia Italiana : Fresh Italian Sausages prepared on a griddle and served in a bread roll with onions. This product is 100% pork.

7. Speciality Breads
A fine choice of Speciality breads. These include the famous Focaccia, plain and with herbs and the traditional Ciabatta bread which is traditionally used for dipping in Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar or for making Panini and Focaccia bread with goats cheese and red onions, just to name a few


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