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The role, style and construction of the family fitted kitchen has changed out of all recognition in the last few decades as more women seek careers or go out to work. Busy people have both less time and less inclination to cook, often preferring ready-made meals or other convenience foods. Breakfast in the kitchen has been a common practice for a long time. Many families now have their evening meal in the kitchen too or invite friends around to dinner. In consequence fitted kitchens have tended to become more stylish and prestigeous in-keeping with their increased social importance. Kitchens have to 'look good' as well as provide functional convenience.

Whether you are a serious cook or not the layout of the fitted kitchen needs to be labour saving and convenient for today's time pressed families, with the sink close to the oven, fridge within easy distance of the work-top and pull-out baskets in cupboards to facilitate retrieval of crockery and other items.

So, one of the first questions we ask you when we meet is: do you cook? And, if so how often? Will a single oven serve your needs or will it have to be a double oven?

We also need at the same time to establish the 'application' or uses to which the fitted kitchen will be put as explained above. And, importantly whether you think it likely you will moving house in a few year's time. To maximise the value of your house the fitted kitchen needs to be a 'popular' type, one which serves the needs of most individuals likely to be interested in your house.

At the meeting we shall also take you through the choices of finishes, door styles, work surfaces and appliances.

If you are involved in building work and have an architect's drawing of the fitted kitchen may we please have a copy?

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Kitchen Ideas in Books

Donald Silvers - Kitchen Design with Cooking in Mind demonstrates, by way of example, how in a typical kitchen the cook is stymied by about step 3 of a simple recipe. However, I fully share his contempt for the 30", four burner range, on which you can adequately heat nothing larger that a 10" pan, and the symmetric double bowl sink, in which you can clean virtually nothing at all. The survival of these domestic dinosours continue to sabotage progressive kitchen planning.

Equally fascinating is his concept, bolstered by illustrations, of planning work spaces to be flexible and, if possible, even mobile. Nor does he neglect the easily forgotten but quite real day-to-day needs, e.g. useful buying tips on pots, pans, and knives. - Independent Review.

The Perfect Kitchen by Alexandra Parson (top right).

Your Dream Kitchen by Liz George and 50 Great Kitchens by Architects - two more excellent books with kitchen ideas available through Amazon Books.

"A great reference for the more modern kitchen" - Great Kitchens by Architects.

GERMAN Catalogue on kitchen designs for 2011 makes play with the ergonomic isues whilst illustrating the very latest in labour saving bottom cupboards, waste systems with seperation units, integrated dining areas, appliance combinations, swing out systems, drawers and much more

Click here for pictures.

If you are looking for the best kitchen lighting, there are many alternatives to consider. But if you want to narrow your search, why not just consider pendant lighting, otherwise called light suspenders or light drops? They are called this, because a mounted pendant light typically dangles from a ceiling through the use of metal chain or rod. Kitchen pendant lighting is a popular choice because not only does it serve as a better 'task lighting solution', it also complements well the overall aesthetics of the room.

Pendant lights are best used with an island or countertop. Click here for pictures.They have the right level of brightness, just enough for every use. You can adjust the level of brightness with dimmer switches which are generally sold with them. The switches may be adjusted to the right amount of brightness when preparing food. Brighter illumination is ideal when chopping vegetables, cutting meat, and mixing ingredients. It is also what you need when you are cooking. Lighting picture courtesy of Special Lights. Pictures of pendant lighting click here.

When you have finished preparing the meal and the food is ready to be served, you can turn the switch down to a lower ambience. Some households consider the kitchen the best place for children to study their prep, mother to do the household admin, and even for father to read his newspaper. So, kitchen pendants should be carefully designed to provide proper illumination. Dimmer switches are a popular and practical way of adjusting lighting levels.

When it comes to aesthetics, pendant lighting is available in sufficient variety of designs to meet all styles of kitchen from classic to modern.

Lighting Kitchen & Baths by Jane Groslight.


Glass Tile Inspirations for Kitchens & Baths by Patricia Hart McMillan & Katherine Kay McMillan, and Tile Style: Creating Beautiful Kitchens, Baths, and Interiors with Tile may be bought from Amazon Books.
A wide choice of kitchen tiles may be had from Tile Choice.

It’s easier than you think. Once you eliminate what won’t work, you are left with a simple palette to choose from. So here are a few ways to filter out colours from your kitchen.

Colour for Small Spaced Kitchens
Don’t use dark timbers and colours that will make the space appear smaller. So avoid dark reds, purples, dark blues and greens.

Look for clear crisp colours or whites with a tint of blue, green; or yellow for a subtle background of colour. Keep cabinetry simple and unadorned and avoid clutter as it will create chaos in a small kitchen. Shaker kitchens are often ideal for small spaces. See this review of Shaker Style Kitchens. Click here. Also colour guide on our Painted Kitchens page.

Colour for Large Open Plan Spaced Kitchens.
Don’t make a huge contrast in colour to the remainder of the décor in your home unless you want your kitchen to visually dominate the living space. Choose a colour that flows with the single open plan space. Generally open plan living uses one colour for the walls and has small pockets of colour to define specific areas within this. More....


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